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What does b unplugged
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b unplugged is an initiative
for businesspeople, creatives and private individuals!

b unplugged in business

b unplugged should lead to a new way of thinking in business. Working together, networking, being linked, but at the same time being independent and autonomous.

b unplugged in the arts

b unplugged offers cultural workers and artists creative ideas which facilitate autonomy and independence.

b unplugged in society

Even in your private life you can be linked to your fellow human beings and at the same time be independent.

What is the purpose of b unplugged

b unplugged aims to provide companies, creatives and private individuals with tips to help them analyse what dependencies they have.

The Corona pandemic has shown that our business, cultural and private lives are less predictable than before. This forces us to live more in the present. Therefore, we at b unplugged think that this is a good time to rethink our lives and define what we actually want.

b unplugged stands for economic independence.

b unplugged stands for innovative thinking.

b unplugged stands for mutual support by sharing ideas.

b unplugged stands for being together, but independent.

There are no commercial thoughts behind b unplugged. Its sole goal is to provide businesses, creatives and private individuals with the means to help themselves.

When someone gets in touch with us, they receive a toolbox based on their needs. This will provide them with the tools to reflect and create a "new" vision.
In addition, we would like to make our network available so that people in similar situations can exchange ideas.

Is economic independence an illusion? Form your own opinion.

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What does b unplugged have to do with your business?

The creative mind behind b unplugged, Christoph Urech, observed during the first half of 2020 the economic, cultural and social consequences of the Corona pandemic. While some companies needed state support to make ends meet, others adapted their business model at short notice and found niches.

Furthermore, although some companies were able to weather these stormy seas, sadly, others ended up on the rocks.

But why? The difference lies in the dependencies of these companies. Consequently, the aim of all business should be to be as independent as possible.

This is achieved by defining ...
1. where your company stands today.
2. what dependencies exist (customers, cluster risks, banks, etc.).
3. what measures need to be taken to reduce dependency.
4. what the objectives of the company are.

It goes without saying that a company can never be completely independent. However, b unplugged means having fewer dependencies, whilst also making sure that the dependencies you have are positive. For example, by taking stock of your customers and suppliers, you can identify those “difficult cases” you need to let go of in order to make room for new and better ones.

A toolbox with detailed questions and measures on how to achieve more independence step by step is being put together.

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b unplugged - particularly relevant
to art and culture?

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b unplugged in the arts

Especially in the world of art and culture many dependencies exist. For example, musicians are dependent on the media. However, there are no longer any small radio stations which provide a platform for new artists. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to be successful if you don’t have any connections.

Today, to be successful in the world of art and culture you have to make a name for yourself in the digital world. At the same time, you must not lose the emotional aspect of your work. This means that whether it be music, literature or painting, you must still be able to strike a chord with your audience.

That is a difficult balancing act and the planned toolbox from b unplugged can support creatives with this.

Among other things it is about …

1. identifying where you are now.
2. identifying who you are dependent on.
3. identifying what your goals are; what you really want.
4. creating a plan with which you can achieve these goals.

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b unplugged - in society
Together, but independent

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b unplugged in your private life

Initially, it appears that b unplugged: together, but independent is a contradiction in itself. However, independence does not mean a monastic life. On the contrary, it means a life with friends, acquaintances, hobbies and everything that goes with it, while also having your own life and being as independent as possible.

People who are by and large independent can lead a more self-determined and therefore happier life.

b unplugged is therefore extending the planned toolbox with a catalogue of questions and measures for private individuals.

If you are interested in this toolbox, simply complete the form below.

A CD production by b unplugged

b unplugged has produced a music CD with the goal of sending a positive message during this difficult Covid-19 pandemic time. The title of the song is ‘Together we’re growing stronger’, which could initially be seen as a contradiction to the b unplugged initiative. Yet it corresponds exactly to the philosophy and the goal of its initiators.

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